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About The Practice

The Practice of Health and Wellness in Thomaston, Connecticut, puts the patient and their wellness first. Pamela Cipriano, DNP, APRN, and her expert medical team focus on the whole person. They combine Eastern and Western medicine to provide individuals with the best health care possible.

Patients receive customized healing, testing, and treatments that best meet their needs for chronic conditions like diabetes or hypertension. The practice also offers long-term management of Lyme disease and high cholesterol.

Diagnosing and treating acute conditions and supporting comprehensive wellness is another priority of the practice. Patients rely on the Practice of Health and Wellness for their women’s health care needs and weight loss support.

The practice is run by nurse practitioners, who, as nurses first, are trained to consider more than just a set of symptoms. The team considers the entire patient, including the environment in which they live, the stresses they’re under, their occupation, and their social life and relationships. Because the team is trained in functional medicine, they understand that every illness has contributing factors and that it’s important to get at the root cause of a disease to provide the best possible treatment.

If you’re ready to receive a high standard of comprehensive care, call The Practice of Health and Wellness today for a consultation. You can also book your appointment online.





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