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The body is an amazing organ. It’s main goal is to stay in balance. Unfortunately, due to dietary choices, environmental factors, bad habits, environmental toxins and daily stress, the body succumbs to disease. Functional Medicine finds the root cause of the disease process. Through dietary changes, lifestyle and behavioral interventions, the body is brought back to a state of health. Dr. Cipriano is trained in Functional Medicine and has been instrumental in reversing the disease process. Be proactive! Call today for an appointment and regain your health! The team at The Practice of Health and Wellness are eager to help you! 

Functional Medicine Q&A

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is an individualized, patient centered approach to WELLcare that assists the body to reverse the disease process. Rather than prescribe medications for every ailment or illness, Functional Medicine provides a personalized roadmap to finding and correcting the root cause of the disease while using food - not drugs - as medicine. This puts patients in control of their own health and decreases the risk of future disease processes as you learn about proper nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes resulting in a healthier and more energetic YOU!


How does Functional Medicine differ from regular medical visits?

Our current healthcare system is a sick-care based approach. Once you are diagnosed with a disease, you are prescribed medicine, medicine, and more medicine which only worsens your health and increases your need for more medicine. The only one benefiting from this “sick-care” are the pharmaceutical companies who charge an exorbitant amount of money to keep you on the sick-care merry-go-round!

Most people have gotten so used to “popping a pill” for every symptoms they experience, they have forgotten how to change habits to allow the body to heal itself. The vast majority of providers are not educated on how to treat or prevent illness without a prescription pad. 


Functional Medicine is a well-care approach to treating and preventing the disease process. Most diseases are reversible with the help of an experienced provider trained in Functional Medicine. Using FOOD as medicine provides an avenue to heal and wellness and offers people the ability to learn what foods best fit their needs in order to regain and maintain their health. The visits are individualized and are not done in the typical 15 minute interval. The visits are long and detailed in order to provide the best possible outcomes to educate you and increase your knowledge of what causes the disease process and how to reverse it naturally. 


Does insurance cover Functional Medicine visits? 

Depending on your insurance carrier, some may cover a certain number of Functional Medicine visits. However, since the sick-care model provides million dollar salaries to the CEOs of the insurance and pharmaceutical companies, there is little reason for them to support a a change to a well-care model that uses nature to heal the body and decreases visits to doctor’s offices. 


What do the treatments look like in Functional Medicine?

The team at The Practice of Health and Wellness takes a preventative approach to your well-care and may suggest dietary changes, lifestyle modifications, supplements, bioidentical hormone replacement, and IV vitamin therapy to bring your body to a state of health by decreasing your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and inflammation which is the leading cause of the disease process. Your treatment plan may include: 

  • Diet modification
  • Exercise program
  • Smoking cessation
  • Limiting alcohol consumption
  • Stress reduction through meditation, yoga, reiki
  • Supplements and/or IV therapy to help detox the body to reduce inflammation which is the major cause of the disease process
  • Bioidentical hormone replacement to balance your body

Small changes have a dramatic effect on your overall health. Dr. Cipriano and her team create a personalized plan that fits your needs and lifestyle to help manage your personal goals. 


Because Dr. Cipriano practices both standard medicine and Functional Medicine, she is able to prescribe medications if and when necessary. For a comprehensive well-care visit, call The Practice of Health and Wellness, or request an appointment online.