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IV Vitamins and minerals (intravenous therapy) are delivered directly into your bloodstream which allows for greater bioavailability and offer a safe, effective and restorative way to reach your health and wellness goals. The nutrients can be customized to suit the unique needs of each individual. And because the vitamins bypass the gut, you get 100% of the vitamins, minerals, and fluids. Whether you just had bariatric surgery and cannot drink the amount of water needed, you are recovering from a stomach virus, recovering from COVID-19, or just need a boost in your energy, IV vitamins will be beneficial to you! Be proactive! Call today for an appointment or a free consultation and regain your life! The team at The Practice of Health and Wellness are eager to help you! 

IV Vitamin and Nutrition Q & A

What is IV Vitamin and Nutrition?

Due to the hustle and bustle of our society, people are eating out or on the go more now than ever in the history of our country. These foods are high in salt, fat, preservatives, food colorings, and chemicals - all leading to the disease process. Our country has one of the highest rates of obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, and the list goes on. Taking vitamins orally to stay healthy offers approximately 8-18% absorption of the vitamins and minerals.

When vitamins and minerals are given intravenously (IV) the absorption is 100%. We offer cocktails which include a combination of vitamins including B-complex, B12, magnesium, calcium, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), glutathione (mother of all amino acids) and fluids. The fluids are isotonic meaning it has the same concentration of solutes as the blood. We also offer customized drips to suit individual needs. 

Getting ready for a marathon? Get hydrated! Just finished a grueling workout at the gym? Get hydrated! 

In addition to the niceties of the IV vitamin drips, they also offer a medical purpose. Research has shown that IV vitamin C offers treatment for various  types of cancers as monotherapy or in combination with chemotherapy. I work closely with oncology naturopaths to deliver the recommended dose of vitamin C for each individual case. In addition, IV vitamin C has shown synergistic effects when combined with radiation. 

How does IV Vitamin infusions differ from oral vitamins? 

Some vitamins work better alone, others work better when combined. Vitamins need to break down within the first 20 minutes of entering the body. Depending on the buffers and fillers used and whether there is a wax coating to keep the shelf life longer, disintegration may take longer resulting in lack of absorption. Taking “Gummy” vitamins decreases the absorption even further and ads calories and pounds from the added sugar and corn syrup. 

Vitamins given intravenously bypass the gut offering a quicker shot at vitality! They are absorbed immediately when entering the blood stream. You absorb 100% of the vitamins given at each IV session. This means that your body is able benefit from all the nutrients provided in one bag of IV vitamins and minerals. You experience immediate benefits. 


Does insurance cover IV vitamins and minerals? 

Some insurance companies are now understanding the benefits of IV Vitamin C for cancer patients. Although we do not accept insurance, we will help you submit your claim for out-of-network benefits. 


 What do  the treatments look like? 

-After a consultation with a registered nurse or nurse practitioner, you will fill out a form explaining your symptoms, any medical history, medications, and allergies. 

-Your vital signs including your blood pressure will be taken and your heart and lung sounds will be assessed. 

-You will be seated in a special chair to insert the plastic catheter into your vein and the IV fluid, vitamins and minerals will be mixed - all based on your specific needs. 

-While you receive your infusion, you will enjoy music while you sit in a full-body massage chair

- Just relax and enjoy!