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The Practice of Health and Wellness

Internal Medicine & Functional Medicine Specialist located in Thomaston, CT

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About The Practice

The Practice of Health and Wellness in Thomaston, Connecticut, puts the patient and their wellness first. Pamela Cipriano, DNP, APRN, and her expert medical team focus on the whole person. They practice true Health care combining Eastern and Western medicine to provide individuals with the best health care possible.

Patients receive individualized, comprehensive visits and customized plans of care with the goal to limit medications and encourage natural healing through food and supplements.  The practice is also experienced and trained in proper diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic Lyme disease and other vector-borne diseases, as well as healing those suffering from Long COVID!

Finding the root cause of the disease process is the priority at The Practice of Health and Wellness. Medications are used as bandaids - finding and correcting the cause of the disease will allow the body to return to a state of health and wellness. 

The practice is run by nurse practitioners, who, as nurses first, are trained to consider more than just a set of symptoms. The team considers the entire patient, including the environment in which they live, the stresses they’re under, their occupation, and their social life and relationships. We start with your childhood and move forward throughout your lifespan to identify the root cause of your symptoms.  Because the team is trained in functional medicine, they understand that every illness has contributing factors and that it’s important to get at the root cause of a disease to provide the best possible treatment. To further enhance your health and wellness, The Practice of Health and Wellness is affiliated with IV Hydration Lounge & Med Spa. Located on the same premises, memberships are offered to incorporate Concierge Medicine through The Practice of Health and Wellness with the natural healing of vitamins, supplements, and other modalities through IV Hydration Lounge & Med Spa. IV vitamins and minerals, weight loss supplements, vitamin injections, infrared sauna, and Himalayan salt therapy all provide ways to get and stay healthy without the use of medications!

We offer concierge medicine with an option to join a membership. The visits are detailed and comprehensive. Insurance companies will not reimburse us for these services; however, if you have out of network medical benefits, we will give you a superbill which you then submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Reimbursement is based on your individualized contract between you and your insurance company. The reimbursement goes directly to you. 

If you’re ready to receive a high standard of comprehensive care, call The Practice of Health and Wellness today for a consultation.

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Dr. Pamela Cipriano


Internal Medicine Provider & Functional Medicine Practitioner

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