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Internal Medicine & Functional Medicine Specialist located in Thomaston, CT

Our Current Healthcare System in the USA

Health insurance companies have an algorhythm for how much time is needed for each diagnosis code. If the provider goes over the allotted time and attempts to get reimbursed for this, not only will the reimbursement be denied, but the insurance company may audit the office to find out why the provider needs more time with the patients. 

It is a lose lose situation for the provider but more-so for the patient. Given only 10 to 15 minutes to assess and treat a patient means a lot of prescription medications are issued. It is the easiest and most timely way to practice medicine. Someone comes in with hypertension -  blood pressure medicatons are prescribed. Someone else comes in with high cholesterol - statins are prescribed. Someone comes in with diabetes - diabetic medications are prescribed.

But what if you are the person with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes? That's a lot of medication to take every day. Wouldn't it make more sense to allow the provider enough time to review the patient's dietary habits, help them to understand how food affects the body, discuss the benefits of regular exercise and develop a plan with the patient for success? These are all factors that are not able to be accomplished in the current healthcare system due to the lack of time and the risk of not getting paid.

Providers are paid for the visit and nothing more. The provider is not paid to review labs, reivew images, return calls, refill prescriptions, or consult with other healthcare specialists. In essence, the only thing the insurance will pay for is a visit with just enough time to prescribe medications. In order to succeed, each provider needs to see 25-45 patients every day. This does not benefit the provider and it certainly does not benefit the patient.  

What is Concierge Medicine?

Concierge medicine is a membership-based healthcare model that offers exclusive, personalized care with accessibility and convenience.



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