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Pamela Cipriano

My Story

Dr. Pamela Cipriano is the first Nurse Practitioner in the State of Connecticut to open a solo medical practice after the law was passed in 2014 allowing Nurse Practitioners to practice independently. She earned her Doctoral degree in Nursing Practice from Maryville University. Her dissertation was on Preventing the Progression from Prediabetes to Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Her research project included lifestyle and dietary changes and was found to be statistically significant. She earned her diploma in nursing from St. Mary's Hospital School of Nursing, her Bachelor's degree from Central Connecticut State University, and her Master's degree in Nursing as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner from The University of Connecticut. She practices Functional Medicine and is continuing her education through Functional Medicine University. She has experience as a surgical hospitalist, medical hospitalist, ER provider, and primary care practitioner. She opened her practice in November of 2016. 

Dr. Cipriano is married with 2 sons, 2 step-daughters, 2 daughter's-in-law and a son-in-law. She and her husband have 6 dogs and one cat - all rescues. She is very active and encourages her patients to be as active as possible! She is a scuba diver, rides motorcycles ~ dirt bikes ~ snowmobiles, rock climbs, flies airplanes, and loves to read. Her motto is "Never Grow Up!"

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